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ONLINE Redundancy Offer

£20.00 £46.99
So we all know it’s a rough time of year in the transport industry, even worse this year it seems as we didn’t really have a booming Christmas from what I’ve heard from the many people through my door. I fear Gwynedd Shipping will only be the first to go bust. EV Cargo are laying off people too. So I had a thought, if you’ve just been made redundant and were hoping to get some Driver CPCs done between jobs drop me a line and I’ll do you a deal of 7 hours for £20 all included. I will need proof of redundancy just so people don’t take piss but for genuine cases £20 for 7 hours on one of my online timetabled courses, no limit you can do all 5 for £100 if required. Drop me a line with proof if you book - luke@lorry-driver.com

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