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IN PERSON @ British Commercial Vehicle Museum Leyland

So an exciting venue to hold Driver CPC courses, the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland Lancashire. Cost includes upload, tea and coffee* and access to the museum (regular price £10). Join me on what will be a fascinating day out!

LWD- Licences, Weights & Dimensions / Vehicle Checks & Defects
CPI- Company & Public Image / Security
DHT- Drivers Hours / Tachograph
TDL- Tiredness, Diet & Lifestyle / Health & Safety
VRU- Vulnerable Road Users / Emergency Aid

NOTE- Pay on day via cash or card is an option but I will require a £10 deposit per person. If you cancel more than 7 days before the event you will get £10 returned, less than 7 days it’s non refundable.

*Tea and coffee in the meeting room, tea and coffee in cafe is chargeable as is food. The breakfasts are splendid I can confirm!

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