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ONLINE Wk 31 & 36 Driver CPC / Drivers Hours / Tachograph

Driver CPC covering Drivers Hours & Tachograph modules. The evening courses are split across two evenings, you have to attend both.

Courses are held via Zoom, I send you joining instructions & a link the day before so please make sure you supply the correct email. Can use any device as long as it has a camera & microphone.

It’s your responsibility to book the correct course, as you can’t repeat any longer. HOWEVER if you do book the wrong one by mistake just let me know and I’ll change it. Also if you are late or can’t attend for whatever reason I shall simply put you on the next convenient course for you. With us if you pay for 7 hours training you’ll get 7 hours training with no extra fees. Total flexibility.

So, see you soon I hope!

ALSO; It’s possible to attend this course without the upload should you need a refresher

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